Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath temple is located on the Grahwal Himalayan range in Rudraprayag District in Uttarakhand and is a Hindu shrine temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that Kedarnath temple is one of the Shiva ling out of 12 lings.

According to Hindu mythology Kedarnath temple is must be worship before go to Badrinath. It is said that without visit of Kedarnath, there is nothing profit to go Badrinath.

There is no history of age of Kedarnath temple, but the journey of kedarnath is continuing since a thousand of years and an important Hindu pilgrimage place.

Temple Architecture - Kedarnath temple is situated on six feet square pops and at the outside courtyard Nandi (ox) sits as vehicle of Lord Shiva and there is no clue in history who had made this temple but it is said that kedarnath temple built by Aadi Guru Shankaracharya.

Time to Worship - It is one of worship of Dwadash Jyotirligas. At morning Shiva Ling or Shiva Pind bath as natural kind bath after bath coating with Ghee and worship and aarti Kedarnath with great faith and offered Deepak ( Diya) Baati or some worship things which generally offer to the pooja of Kedarnath or Lord Shiva. This time devotees can enter into temple and can perform pooja but at evening time it is not possible to visit or view Lord Kedarnath due to special make up could be done of Lord Kedarnath and decorate in enthralling manner.

Ek Dham - Kedarnath Temple is one of the Dham out of Chota Char Dham in India and for journey of Holy place Kedarnath pilgrimage traveler comes in huge quantity of devotee every year.

Best time to reach kedarnath temple

In months of May to June and September to October is right and best time for Kedarnath Temple because others months are very cold and mostly in month of November heavy snow falls start and continue in whole winter season.

How to reach Kedarnath temple

Air way - Deheradun Jolly Grant is nearest airport for Kedarnath and can be hired helicopter too.

Road way - Buses or taxies available for Kedarnath journey form Dehradun.

Railway - Train facility is available for kedarnath from Haridwar, Kotdwar and Dehradun. Dehradun is very best choice to start.

Kedarnath Temple Map

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