North India Tour Package

North India is one of the favorite travel destinations among tourists and it is for no reason that North India is considered as a paradise for tourism. There are many travel destinations of different nature in North India and nature's provision makes the place more attractive.

North India boundary in North is Himalayan mountain where is many destination point for tourists which attracts more for trekking places link Everest, Gangotri Glacier, Markha Valley, Poon Hill, Auli snow trek, Chopta, Buran Ghati, Manaslu Circuit, Chanderkhani Pass , Kashmir lake etc. North India is full with wildlife sanctuaries beautiful birds and verity of soft nature and dangerous nature animals, ancient time buildings and sculptures situated here fabulous for its art and culture designed on it with great sense and attractive creation on them which attract many visitors every year.

Religious Tour in North India

There are many kind of Religions especially for Hindus many pilgrimages located in North India and thousands of devotees come here across India and from abroad for worship and meditation. Some famous pilgrimages are Akshardham temple in Delhi which dedicated to Swaminarayan , It is very largest hindu temple, Varanasi is spiritual city in India , Hindus take bath in holy Ganges River , Haridwar is one of the best Holy place take bath in Ganges River a lots of devotees come here every year and perform many activates religious puja. Har Ki Pori is main place in Haridwar , Har Ki Pori is a place where Lord Vishnu feet signs so it is known as Har Ki Pori here Har mean to Hari or lord Vishnu and Pori means foot prints of lord Vishnu and apart from them many other places for pilgrimages Char Dham, Rishikesh, Ayodhya, Mathura, Virnda Van , Amritsar Golden temple. India Easy Trip invites you with best deal tour packages and Book today your comfortable packages.

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