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Lotus Temple Facts

While in New Delhi, make a point to visit the Lotus Temple where a dazzling work of current architecture anticipates you. The Bahai House of love, prominently known as the Lotus Temple takes after a halfway open lotus flower encompassed by its leaves and seems like coasting on water. The nine pools speaking to the coasting leaves are encompassed by landscaped walkways, bridges and stairs. The landmark is made out of marble and its class has pulled in a great many tourists since the time it was devoted to the country on December 24th, 1986.

History of Lotus Temple

The imaginative mind behind the architecrure of this building wonder is a youthful Canadian draftsman of Iranian decent by the name of Fariburz Sabha. The architect’s decision of the lotus deserves a unique notice here. Notwithstanding being the National flower of India, the lotus has a unique relationship with a few religions and beliefs rehearsed in India. The lotus is likewise an image of awesome birth and purity. Thus the Lotus Temple reflects the sublime culture of India and is tuned in to the Bahai faith which believes in the solidarity of religions.

The Lotus Temple has three layers of nine petals each in its development. The peripheral layer of nine petals is built opening outwards and furthermore shapes the nine doors to the external round lobby. The following layer of nine petals transcend the external layer and are halfway shut. These petals house the focal corridor. A rooftop made of glass and steel shapes the focal segment of the lotus which is available to the sky. This permits common light into the focal lobby while additionally shielding it from the rain.

In contrast to a few different Temples in India, the Lotus Temple draws guests from all beliefs and individuals from all strolls of society are welcome independent of their caste, ideology or ethnicity. In spite of the fact that it is a temple, you will be astonished to realize that there are no priests or symbols inside the Temple and no customs are performed. The conviction of the Bahai lessons lies in grasping the unity of humanity, religion and God. This is on the grounds that the Bahai faith raises revere above ceremonial and public structures.

The principle revere focus with its storm cellar has a place with the Temple complex, though an extra block houses the reception, a library and an administrative area. Audio-visual introductions are played on an hourly reason to help the clients. The design has likewise gotten different honors and acknowledgments routinely. The Lotus Temple is additionally a centre for social administration as it advances solidarity and concordance among individuals hailing from various ethnic and economic backgrounds.

How to Reach Lotus Temple

For reaching Lotus Temple, you can take rickshaw or cab from your location in Delhi. But its better to go Lotus temple by Metro. These steps will help you to reach Lotus temple as listed below.

Metro in Yellow Line changes by Central Secretariat to the Violet Line
Metro in Blue Line, change to Rajiv Chwok
Metro in Red Line make changes on the Kashmiri Gate To Yellow Line, then change to the Central Secretariat for the Violet Line
Metro in Green Line Changes in Inderlok for red line, change on Kashmiri gate for yellow line and then change in Central Secretariat for Violet Line
OR Change the color for the blue line and then changes to Rajiv Chowk for yellow line and then change in Central Secretariat for Violet Line

Timing to Visit Lotus Temple

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (except Every Monday).

Lotus Temple Location


Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir, for the most part known as the ISKCON Delhi Temple, is an outstanding Vaishnav Temple of Lord Krishna and Radharani as Radha Parthasarathi. Opened in 1998, it is situated at Hare Krishna Hills (close Nehru Place), in the East of Kailash zone of New Delhi, India. Lies at a distance of 0.33 KM from Lotus Temple.

Garhi Studio

The Studio at Garhi set up in the year 1976, was named Kala Kuteer to address the issues of rehearsing craftsmen. The whole perplexing is situated on the premises of a heritage site, privately known as Village Gargi Zharia Maria, Delhi. The current place that is known for four sections of land was apportioned to the Lalit Kala Akademi for setting up its Regional Center at Garhi. The land for the Center was designated by the Delhi Development Authority for advancement of Art exercises. The Center embraces craftsmanship exercises of the encompassing districts of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Delhi from this Center. It lies at a separation of 0.74 KM.

Gallery Espace

One of the more seasoned workmanship displays of the city, Gallery Espace was begun by Renu Modi in 1989 and is praising 25 years of accomplishment. It was propelled with a blast with the self-portraying works of MF Hussain and proceeded to speak to other praised craftsmen, for example, J. Swaminathan, Manjit Bawa and Krishen Khanna, to give some examples. Lies at a separation of 0.78 KM from Lotus Temple.

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