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The ancient 'Kanpur' is located on the banks of the Ganges River in the southwest of the city of Lucknow, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in north-central India. Kanpur (urban) and Kanpur (countryside) are the administrative headquarters of the districts. The area of Kanpur is more than 260 square kilometers. It is an important commercial and industrial center, besides being an important center of roads and railways. The main city is in the northwest of the cantonment. The urban area also includes the three residential railroad colonies and a suburb of Arampur. Kanpur has many museums, hospitals and nursing homes.

Kanpur is large city in Uttar Pradesh and famous for leather and textile located on the west bank of River Ganges. Kanpur is very good place to visit and many heritage sites and temples are here. Many tourists come here to explore the heritage sites in Kanpur.


In 1801, when the British captured him and the area around him, Kanpur was just a town. The British made it their frontier. During the Indian rebellion of 1857, Indian troops were slaughtered by British troops in this city. It is said that the survivors were thrown into a well. Where the British built a monument.

Kanpur is one of the main sites of the War of Independence of 1857. During the riot of the cipayos of 1857 AD in Bibigad, a building located in Kanpur, 211 British men and women, who surrendered on June 26, were executed on July 15 according to the orders of Nana Saheb and Tatya Tope and their bodies were almost dead. . He was thrown into the well.

Places to visit in Kanpur

Best destination point in Kanpur, first of all we are talking about Kanpur Zoo which has a variety of animals and birds and also known as Allen Forest Zoo is naturally created forest where animals feel as forest . It is natural habitat for fauna and other mammals like black dear, zebra, white tiger, rhinoceros, leopard, hippopotamus, hyena, musk dear. Monkeys and langurs are allowed to roam in forest and other kind of animal habitat zoo too. Once you have trip, you must visit at least one time to Kanpur Zoo.

Most visited places in Kanpur few are Nana Rao Park or Company Bagh built in honor of Nana Sahib in Uttar Pradesh after independence of India and formerly known as Memorial Well garden.Phool Bagh Park is beautiful place here many big statue of like Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Ganesh Shanker Vidhyarthi , Shyam lal Gupta and Baba Beem Rao Ambedkar.

famous temples in Kanpur - ISKCON temple is dedicated to lord Shri Krishna Radha. J.K. Temple, Panki Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir, Andeshwar Mandir, Vaishno Mata Mandir, Tapeshwari temple, Jagannath temple, Baradevi Mandir, Chandrika Devi temple and Ram Janki Mandir.

Jain Crystal Temple - Located near the Kamla Tower in the Generalganj area of Kanpur, this temple is completely made of glass. For Jains, this place is no less than a pilgrimage. This temple, built in memory of the 24 pilgrimages of the Jain community, is built on a marble platform.

Jk Temple - This huge temple of Radha Krishna located in Sarvodaya Nagar, J.K. The temple is famous as its name. This huge temple made of white marble is a center of attraction for Kanpur residents. The scattered vegetation in the temple complex is also enough to captivate the mind.

ISKCON Temple - Kanpur can be called the fortress of temples. In this episode, the ISKCON temple, which is considered a symbol of faith of foreigners, is also considered a symbol of faith. This Manavati Marg is located near Bithoor. Aarti happening there cannot prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Elaine Forrest Zoo - Kanpur Zoo is a place to show all the creatures of the world. You can visit with the family in very little money. Occasionally new animals and facilities are provided to tourists.

Blueward theme park - This theme park, built in 2015, has nice attractions. In summer, people come from everywhere to enjoy the water park. Children should be taken to an open environment and interesting attractions.

Panki Temple - The temple near Panki symbolizes the faith of Bajrangbali. Hanuman is a reverent place for devotees. Panchmukhi Hanuman is the only temple located in Uttar Pradesh.

Green Park Stadium - The stadium near Kanpur is internationally recognized. From time to time, the matches are held here.

Z Square Mall - Z Square Mall is the largest shopping center in Kanpur. Opened in 2010, the mall is built on 84,000 square meters. There are more than 150 stores in this mall.

Pearl lake - The Motiljil garden in Kanpur is the center of attention. This park, which has swings, fountain and boat, is very attractive for both children and the elderly.

Best time to visit Kanpur

The best time to visit Kanpur is between October to March.

How to reach Kanpur

Air - The airport of Delhi and Lucknow is associated with Kanpur. Delhi is the important border air terminal that associates this city with all Indian cities along with abroad. Delhi is about 438 km from the city. Flights from Delhi to Kanpur are effectively accessible. After arriving in Delhi, there are different approaches to realize how to get to Kanpur.

Rail - Kanpur Barrack Junction is connected to all the preeminent cities of India. The continuous railway administrations are there on the course that connects Lucknow with Kanpur (80 km), as well as Delhi with Kanpur (438 km).

Road - The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation has benefited several open transport administrations to go to Kanpur from urban areas such as Lucknow, Allahabad, Agra, Jhansi and Rai Barely. You can also hire an exclusive extravagant transport administration from Delhi to Kanpur, which would take care of the night trips.

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