About Jal Mahal

The heritage of Rajasthan holds a different identity in the world. If you make a trip to Rajasthan, then it will take you a month to roam here. There is such a historic place to roam around here. This is one such place where Rajasthan's historic history boasts of Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal located in Jaipur One of the most beautiful tourist spot in Jaipur. Jal Mahal is a beautiful palace located in the middle of the Lake Manasagar of Pink City, Jaipur. This palace was built in 18th Century by Maharaja Jaisingh II of Amber. This palace is the center of attraction for the settlers in the womb of the Aravali hills.

History of Jal Mahal Jaipur

Jal Mahal was built as a hunting lodge for the King Maharaja and his family. Located in the womb of the Aravalli hills, this palace is also called the ball due to the middle of the lake. It was also known as Romantic Palace. This palace built by Jaisingh is a medieval building built in medieval castles, with arches, turquoise, umbrellas and stair genes. Jal Mahal is now also evolving in the form of bird sanctuary. There is more than 1 lakh trees in the nursery where Rajasthan's tallest trees are found.

This palace amidst the pleasure hunter desert does not appear to warm, in light of the fact that a significant number of its floors are made inside the water. The lovely perspective of the mountain and lake can likewise be seen from this royal residence. Seeing this royal residence is extremely alluring in the lake water at twilight night. Multi day-old nursery workers are occupied with plant care. This nursery is the tallest nursery in Rajasthan. There are a large number of varieties of Aravali plant, elaborate plant, bush, support and pleat.

Jal Mahal has been built in the form of charming eyes. The sailors of traditional Vrindavan also made the boat boat (boat) in Rajput style here. The sailor only takes the water mall. The roads made in the palace are also decorated and its jasmine garden is also found, whose fragrance certainly attracts the mind. A huge mountain is seen next to the lake, on which the historic temples and fortresses are built and on the other side of the lake there are pink city Jaipur. The most attractive of the Jalmahal itself is the Sarovar.

Along with medieval palaces, there is a double-storey building with arches, turquoise, umbrellas and stair genes and a square building. On the four corners of its upper floor, Burjvo umbrellas and the middle baradarias are based on marble pillars.

After the severe famine in 1596 AD, the ruler of Ajmer had constructed the dam to overcome the water shortage. So that water can be deposited. The dam was later changed over into a stone brick work structure in the seventeenth century. The Jal Mahal was constructed in 1799. The help of boats prepared from Rajput style was taken for its construction. But this palace was restored by Maharaja Jai Singh. The kings here used to spend this palace with their queen for a special time. A beautiful view of this palace can be seen in lake water at moonlit night. Either the king used to give it to the Royal party, but it used to be the house of King of Jaipur State.

Built for some time, this dam was made of stone in 17th Century. Also, today this dam is around 300 meters (980 feet) long and 28.5-34.5 meters (94-113 feet) profound. An interior 3 entryway has additionally been built to shed water, with the goal that water can be exchanged to the homestead when fundamental. From then on, this dam became quite famous in the local people and after this, the rulers also repaired it from time to time by the rulers of Rajasthan, and in the 18th Century, Amer Jaisingh II rebuilt it.

The Jal Mahal Nursery has been developed to enhance the beauty of the palace. This nursery is the tallest nursery in Rajasthan. These trees make the plaintiffs pollution free. Jal Mahal does not only extinguish you, but it also enhances your age. The beauty of the nursery here is that many trees here that are 150 years old have been given new life by transplanting them.

How to Reach Jal Mahal

The Jal Mahal of Jaipur is on the right side of Amber road going a little further from Ramgarh intersection. It is about seven km away from the city's Ajmeri gate. It can be reached by bus or taxi. Many internet buses run from Delhi to Jaipur. Apart from this, you will get a train from every state to Jaipur. You can also go to Jaipur by your car.

Time to visit Jal Mahal

10.00 am to 5.00 pm (daily). October to March months.

Jal Mahal Location

Architecture of Jal Mahal

Five-storey building of Jal Mahal The beauty of this lake was the center of attraction of the kings of the time, and the king used to walk in the boat during the journey, King Sawai Jaisingh decided to build a palace in the middle of the lake so that he could accompany his queen and the pundits after Ashwamedha Yagna Could the royal bath in the middle of the lake The Jal Mahal is a five-storey building, which is built within 4 floors of water and looks like a water on the lake.

So, if you have an attachment to historical places, then you can plan your vacation here.

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