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Jahaz Mahal (in Urdu Language 'Jahaz' signifies "Ship" and 'Mahal' signifies "Castle", the "Ship Palace"), is situated alongside Hauz-I-Shamsi in Mehrauli, Delhi on its northeastern corner. It was so named, since its appearance (figment) in the encompassing supply resembles a ship coasting on a lake. It is surmised to have been worked amid the Lodhi Dynasty period (1452– 1526) as a joy resort, Sarai or a motel.

The Jahaz Mahal would make a delightful reflection on the Reservoir Lake or tank named Hauz-I-Shamsi worked amid the Slave administration by Sultan Iltutmish giving it a vision of a Ship skimming on water and consequently the name was enlivened from this reality and started. The Palace was built at some point somewhere in the range of 1452 and 1526 towards the finish of the Lodhi Dynasty rule and the start of the Mughal Empire reign in Northern India. It was likewise called as the 'Sarai' or 'Hotel' basically to house voyagers and travelers from distant spots like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Arab, Turkey and Morocco amid their visits to various Muslim Shrines in Delhi.

History and Architecture of Jahaz Mahal Delhi

One explanation behind building the Jahaz Mahal withdraw was to give travel convenience as a Sarai or (motel) to the vast number of explorers from Afghanistan, Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Morocco and Turkey who came to Delhi to visit the numerous Muslim places of worship. Another adaptation is that it was worked as withdraw for the rulers, Akbar Shah II and Bahadur Shah II and their families, amid the mid-year months, far from the warmth and residue of Delhi. Its development is dated between 1451 AD and 1526 AD, before Babar's attack and the start of Mughal rule in Delhi.

How to Reach Jahaz Mahal Delhi | Nearest Metro Station to Jahaz Mahal

The closest metro station is now at Jahaz Mahal is Chatarpur Metro station at yellow Line and around 1 km away. Jahaz Mahal can be achieved by regular local buses and auto cabs.

Time to visit Jahaz Mahal

The best time to visit the mosque is between 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM . Otherwise the Mahal is opened from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The duration to visit jahaz mahal is 1 to 2 hours only where you can explore all the things inside the Mahal.

Jahaz Mahal Delhi Location

Things to See in Jahaz Mahal Delhi

The castle is drawn nearer from the eastern side. A patio, initially in a rectangular shape currently found in 'U' shape, is in the focal point of the castle. The royal residence has cut noteworthy square chhatris (six of them with various quantities of columns – six, eight and twelve) or towers in the corners and the inside, ornamented with excellent squelches in various chambers and walls. The domed structure over the focal door is beautified with blue tiles. A little mosque is likewise situated inside the royal residence, as observed from a mihrab in a specialty on the west wall.

Festivals in Jahaz Mahal Delhi

Since 1720 and up till the finish of the Mughal reign in Delhi, the Phulwalon Ki Sair celebration or 'Festivals of Flowers' was intricately celebrated inside the Palace grounds each year when the flowers merchants of Mehrauli would pay tribute to the Mughal Emperor by giving the flowers of various species completely flowered amid spring season. Today, this celebration is praised just inside the Mehrauli Village and not inside the Palace any more drawn out by flowers dealers from each edge of Delhi amid the period of October consistently.

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