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The city of Mughlia is full of monuments in Agra, one of which is the Itmad-ud-Daulah Memorial. Because it is a white marble monument and shaped like a Taj Mahal, it is also called "Baby Taj". This monument is an incomparable example of the Mughal construction style. This monument is a protected building protected by the Archaeological Service of India. After all, Taj Mahal, you will also see these monuments after Lalkit. Because it was the capital of the Mughal Empire for many years, the city of Agra is full of architectural buildings that enhance the beauty of this place and its glory. The tomb of Mahmudullah is built with a small garden on the bank of the Yamuna River and there are many things in this mausoleum that are then used to make the most beautiful masterpiece, Taj Mahal. The Mogul emperors have embellished many fortresses and mausoleums of Agra, which make this city one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. The Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Taj Mahal have gained fame throughout the world and there is a monument established in it, which could not achieve this status. That is the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah.

History of Itmad Ud Daulah

Itmad-ud-Daulah was built between 1622-28 AD during the time of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. This is the tomb of Mirza Ga'ash Bagh and his wife Asmat Begum. Mirza Gaya Bagh was a resident of Iran and served in the crevasses of Badshah Akbar. Mirza Gayasabeg was the grandfather of the famous Mughal Emperor Jehangir Begum Noor Jahan, "Mumtaz Mahal". Emperor Jahangir turned him into a magician after marrying Noorjahan. He was given the rank of seven Manasab and "Sirajuddaula" (the Royal Treasurer). Mirza's wife Gaya Baig died a few months after his death in 1622. Noor Jahan made this tomb for his parents between 1622-28.

How to Reach Itmad Ud Daulah

By the National Highway-2, from the international bus stop of Delhi, from the intersection of the hydraulic works, through the Jawahar Setu of the Yamuna River, the monument is produced after traveling about two kilometers on the right side of the intersection of Rambagh.

After leaving Yamuna Expressway or Kanpur along National Highway II, towards Agra, Shahdara can reach this monument while in Nunihai.

The power plant can reach this monument through the Ambedkar bridge in Yamuna on the way from the intersection of the Taj Mahal or Agra Fort.

Time to visit Itmad Ud Daulah

6 AM to 6:30 PM (Daily).

Itmad Ud Daulah Location

Architeture of Itmad Ud Daulah

The architecture of the marble and the enigmatic Islamic architecture of the tomb make it more popular as the precursor of the Taj Mahal. The tomb has been installed in the center of a large garden, in which the flow of water is in the center and the pedestals are made for pedestrians. On the walls of the tomb, the engraving carved in semiprecious stones like Jasper and Topaz and wine bottles are well decorated. To bring light to the grave, a marble has been installed. When you see the tomb from afar, it will look like "Shringaradan" in the middle of the garden. The excellent architecture of the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah is similar to that of the Taj Mahal, which is why this tomb is known as the "Baby Taj Mahal" or the Taj Mahal Project. The tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah is like a precious treasure protected in the middle of the garden. The magnificent magnificence of this monument is surprisingly fascinating. So, the next time you plan to visit the Taj Mahal, do not forget to visit this little Taj Mahal!

The rest of the tomb has been built with red sandstone that uses Mughal architecture. The Tomb of Akbar is a five-story building and the pyramid is in size. The tomb built on the top floor of the tomb is not real, since the original tomb is made below ground level. A monastery is built around the lower floors, which is divided into several parts, which contain large arches and columns of columns. There are verandahs on the four floors of the tomb, which have a group of arches and carpets on each side have been made. There are pyramidal roofs in the second floor kiosks, which are built with marble, while the remaining domes are in size. There is a small square room in each corner of the third floor.

The upper floor of this building is built with white marble. The living room in the tomb is square and is open from the sky. There is a central courtyard in the tomb that is surrounded by fine arches from all sides. This patio is divided into sections whose roofs have been worked with working patterns. There is a square platform in the center of the tomb complex in which a false tomb was built, which is constructed of white marble. The excavation work of the Arab and the flower patterns has been done in this tomb.

The center of all the buildings has been raised like a tomb, which has beautiful panels decorated with masonry works. The Arabic architecture made in Spandrels enhances its splendor, this architecture involves painting the walls and decorating turquoise with puris design. The designs on the panel include inscriptions, floral and geometric architecture that have been built on the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah.

The tomb house is on the ground floor. The threshold that goes to the tomb of Akbar is decorated with Arab designs and floral forms. This room is normal and is built with stone. In the rest of the cameras located in the premises, are the tombs of the daughters of Akbar, Salomón-Shi'a and Venus-Nisa, and the rest of Banu, daughter of Aurangzeb, Zeb-inn-Nisa and the son of Salom of Shah Alam.

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