Ayodhya Travel Guide

Ayodhya is known for being the origination of Lord Rama. It is a standout amongst the most religious journey focuses arranged in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. An old city according to being specified in the epic Ramayana, Ayodhya has every one of the characteristics of the old world appeal. Since Lord Ram is a standout amongst the most adored gods in India, Ayodhya holds an extraordinary place in the hearts of the Hindus in India.

You can feel the godliness noticeable all around as you go through the paths of Ayodhya. Primarily Hindu sightseers run to this place in thousands in the happy seasons like Ram Navami (Lord Ram's birthday).

Tourism in Ayodhya

Religious tour in Ayodhya: The antiquated city of Ayodhya is known by most to be the setting of the old Hindu epic Ramayana and is known to be the origin of the God ruler Ram. The city is situated at the banks of the Sarayu River and was the capital of the old kingdom of Kosala. The city was known to be established by the Hindu divinity Manu and is accepted to be 9000 years of age. It is a standout amongst the most frequented traveler spots and is well known for its different temples which are visited by individuals of different Indian religions.

An Insight into Ayodhya Tourism

Places to visit in Ayodhya

Ramjanma Bhoomi: This place is affirmed to have had a temple for Lord Ram once which was pulverized according to Babur's orders and rather a mosque was based on a similar area. The temple is available to open now after an extensive stretch of discussions.

Kanak Bhawan: Kanak Bhawan, otherwise called Sone-ka-ghar, is broadly known for pictures demonstrating Lord Ram and Goddess Sita wearing gold crowns.

Hanuman Garhi: Hanumangarhi is a sanctuary of Lord Hanuman in Ayodhya. In excess of 70 stages prompt the principle Hanuman sanctuary which is a standout amongst the most famous sanctuaries of Lord Hanuman in North India.

Best Time to Visit Ayodhya

Oct-Mar is the best time to visit Ayodhya. Climate is for the most part lovely in Ayodhya, all consistently. There are periodic warmth waves and chilly breeze amid the pinnacle of summer and winter seasons. The best time to visit despite the fact that is between October to December, both for its climate and the celebrations.

How to Reach Ayodhya

How to reach ayodhya by Air: The closest airplane terminal to Ayodhya is Faizabad Airport, at a separation of 8 km. Nonetheless, the closest significant air terminal from Ayodhya is Lucknow, at a separation of around 130 km. Lucknow air terminal is all around associated with most real urban communities in India.

How to reach ayodhya by Train : Ayodhya is all around associated with adjacent railroad stations and significant stations all through north India.

How to reach ayodhya by Road : Inside the state, Ayodhya is associated with all other real urban areas in UP with standard state government/private transports running between different goals and Ayodhya.

Ayodhya Map

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