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Agrasen Ki Baoli is a historical structure that is still in good condition. It was constructed for water conservation so that water shortage could be completed. This protection has been provided by the Government of India under the Relics Act, 1958. This Baoli was constructed in the 14th century by Maharaja Agrasen, a descendant of Agrawal society, hence this Baoli is called Baoli of the forerunners. Red sandstone was used in the construction of this Baoli, its length is 60 meters and the width is 15 meters. Approximately 105 stairs have been constructed to reach the bottom of this Baoli.

There is now no water like this before, and whatever water it is, it is quite dirty and green. The water level of this Baoli gets more in rainy days only. Pigeons and bats have settled down in this Baoli. This Baoli also has a three-door mosque with one part broken. There is a densely populated area around this Baoli, which is why people do not know that it is also a historical Baoli. But since this film has been shown in some films, this Baoli has become quite famous since then. People also come from the country and abroad to see this Baoli.

History of Agrasen ki Baoli

By looking at the texture and architectural features of Agrasen Ki Baoli, it appears as if it was made during the Lodi era or during the Tughlaq dynasty. However, the ideal article says that 'Agrasen Ki Baoli' was constructed by Maharaja Agrasen (according to some emperors). It is said that Maharaja Agrasen lived in Agroha town during the Mahabharata period. Which is currently known as an ancient city of Haryana state. Agrasen was probably born in 3124 BC or is considered contemporary of Lord Krishna's birth. There is also a small mosque in the western corner of Baoli. Actually this mosque has no roof - some old photographs and records also show the structure of this mosque in the same way. In this pillar of the mosque, there are some special signs and colors that have emerged, which match some of the extraordinary structures of the Buddhist period, such as Chaitya, which are used in various architectures.

How to Reach Agrasen ki Baoli

This Baoli of Agrasen (Agrasen ki Baoli) is located on the Halei road of Connaught Place in Delhi. This place can be reached easily by auto, rickshaw or any other means.

Time to visit Agrasen ki Baoli

From 9 am to 6 pm, this bookie is open for seven days of the week and there is no ticket to see it.

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Things to See in Agrasen ki Baoli

Several misconceptions related to Agrasen ki Baoli are spread among people, such as the black magical water that was filled up several years ago in this Baoli which provoked people to commit suicide. Due to this black water, many people jumped into this Baoli and gave their lives. It is said - Since then, the water of this Baoli has gone happily and here the souls of those committing suicide are still wandering, which many people have seen. For this reason, it is forbidden to go in the night, only when the Baoli remains open only till 6 p.m.

As you know, in the Mahabharata period, Delhi (Indraprastha) was the capital of India. It is said that this Babri was constructed by Maharaj Agarasena. Later Agrawal society restored this Baoli. But the attempt to erase the history of this Babri was done only in the Mughal period, because its architectural style corresponds to the late Tughlaq and Lodi period (13V-16V).

The main feature of the building is that it is 60 meters long north to south and 15 meters wide on the ground, it has 103 staircases. There is a mosque with three gateways towards the west, which has some sectarian symbols in Arabic or Persian language. It is composed of underground lanes of edges on a solid high terrace. In its architecture, a combination of four pillars with the roof of 'whale fish', 'Chaitya Shaksha', a combination of the four pillars, the decoration used in the arc scandal provides distinctiveity.

When we decided to inspect this Babri, then we came to know that there is still water in it, it is neither green water nor black water as people speak. The flock of pigeons and bats is fought on the Babri Roof. Meaning inside Babri, it feels very humid when it descends, that means it feels cool with the heat.

If you want to come here to see and see, surely he came along with the family, but when he went there with his family, there were fewer family members and more lovers. Who were spoiling the name and work of that historic building? Some of us also got foreign families, we gently welcomed. But he was also unhappy with all these objections. It was bad to see, and so quickly we too came back from there.

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